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As I have earlier shared my internship journey(link) at CVT with you all. I am back with another Blog.

First Job always has a special place😇😇.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.

What a journey the last 1…

Language Understanding Cognitive Services

The most comprehensive cloud based services for text understanding and the simplest to use for developers with no AI expertise.

LUIS interacts with the user in the natural language to complete a task

Examples of applications that can be make with the help of Luis are:

  • AI ChatBots
  • Speech Enabled…

Java uses an automatic memory management system called a garbage collector.

Whereas in other programming languages such as C the programmer has direct access to the memory who allocates memory in his code, thereby creating a lot of scope for leaks

Why programmer should know about memory management?

  • To make…


Concurrency means allowing more than one transaction to operate simultaneously on a same database.

Concurrency has many advantages

1. Reduces waiting time

2. Reduces the Response time.

3. Increases resource utilization

4. Increases Efficiency.



If t2 reads a value of A from T1 and commits the value and afterwards…

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