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Hope you all are safe!!

As I have earlier shared my internship journey(link) at CVT with you all. I am back with another Blog.

First Job always has a special place😇😇.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.

What a journey the last 1 year has been for me! CoreValue Technologies felt like a great place for me to grow as a person and dedicate my energy towards a positive and ambitious mission. From setting up my virtual environment to accomplishing my final task, I have gained experiences and knowledge that I will carry with me forever. Although everything was virtual, I didn’t feel like there was a communication gap and also, a lot of events were conducted to boost morale and remind people that we are in this together and are a great team. I delivered my tasks and learned from various folks within the company in such a short period. My time here has enriched my confidence and zeal to acquire more knowledge in the tech field.

Whenever I have dared to venture into uncomfortable unknowns, life has rewarded me with exciting surprises. The past 1 year with CVT was filled with difficult decisions that led to countless defeats, some lifelong learnings and many fulfilling victories. This journey has helped me discover myself.

CVT paved a way for me to succeed by taking away a lot of the concerns of daily life, thus allowing me to focus on work. I had an amazing 1 year at CVT, which helped me grow as a software developer and as a Person. As life must go on I got an opportunity to join a big firm and after discussions with family and friends, I have decided to explore the journey.

One of the biggest lessons that I took from CVT was teamwork. The change that a collaborative environment can bring about at the workplace is something that a competitive environment can never achieve. Never have I ever heard, “I don’t have time to help you”, and this feeling is something I believe all CVTians will resonate with. One thing that all CVTians had in common was a sense of ownership and passion for what they did!

It was an amazing and enthusiastic journey from SDE Intern to SDE-1 Entry-level and was full of challenges and lots of learning. The road from internship to this position has been a great learning experience for me.

I had resounding support from the mentor’s chain throughout my time in CVT, which allowed me to showcase what unique traits I bring to the table. I would thank Ankur Sir, Atul Sir and Deepak Sir for being accommodative of my situations and guiding me to be a better engineer and please keep guiding me at Concirrus

The person who was of immense value to my time at CVT was Ankur Sir. The conversations that we had, added a very different perspective to my approach to solve problems and gave me the confidence to reach out to people whenever I was stuck, it helped me in solving a lot more problems.

Whenever I had a conversation with Ankur sir “Kabhi Laga hi nahi ki CEO is baat kar rahe ho”. He is so humble and Kind. It’s always a pleasure to interact with Ankur Sir. The way he is always approachable to the employees of the company is just amazing.

Even in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, CVT managed to plan a trip to Dehradun in November 2020. They took all the safety measures and kept health and safety as a priority, COVID test was mandatory for everyone and all necessary things were carried like masks, sanitisers etc. The trip was short, but now when I look back, I had many memories, and I think that’s what matters. This trip was such a refreshing pill for me. Thanks, CVT for such an amazing trip. I enjoyed every moment of the trip.

CVT organised two cricket matches for team gatherings even in this pandemic situation before the 2nd wave. In one of the matches, I was the Captian of team Jaunpur and we won the match. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it a lot. CVT continues to amaze me by organising wonderful challenges. Recently, CVT organised the CVT steppers challenge in which we have to walk at least 10k steps and the one with maximum step count by the end of every week will be the winner. I enjoyed the challenge and I was the winner for the 1st week. I appreciate CVT’s efforts in organising these wonderful challenges and trips.

CVT helped me shine like a diamond and helped me in enhancing and discovering my skills and taught me to handle panic situations. I would say this organization has completely changed me. Whenever I compare myself 1 year ago and with what I am today. It’s a hell lot of a difference. I am grateful for the unconditional support and guidance extended by my family, friends, and the enriching experience provided by my colleagues at CVT.

In CVT I learned that you don’t have to know everything before you start to do something. You just have to EXECUTE and learn along the way. Don’t be discouraged by mistakes or failures. You have to be thankful for every mistake because it is where you will learn the most. Do not wallow on your mistakes. Instead, take them as an opportunity to improve yourself.CVT taught me to be consistent and stay persistent no matter what the results are. If you are doing well today, work harder tomorrow. Appreciate and celebrate small wins. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Growing yourself is a marathon. If you will only look at the BIG GOAL, you will easily get burnt out. 😉

In conclusion, I would say that CVT has been a very fruitful part of my life and I hope our paths cross again.😊