What I learned in the fourth month of my internship?

Hii, everyone I am back with another blog of my learning during internship. This month was full of real engineering stuff. How to deal with pressure and how to deal with deadlines it was all about this.

This month I resolved many bugs and implemented a new functionality that was not earlier in the project. Now I have a much better understanding of Spring Boot and Vue.js and how to implement them in my project.

This month I have also done my first deployment first time I was really nervous and afraid would I able to do it correctly or not but when I did it. It made me quite confident understanding the things and then implementing and seeing them being deployed and used by others really boost up your confidence and motivates you to do better and progress.

This month an incident happened when I made one deployed. I forgot to write sudo before the command and that’s why the service was not working properly. After 2 hours of struggling and finding what was wrong we came to know how powerful this keyword is. Learning these small but important things in start of my career as a software developer is really amazing. Thanks CVT for this awesome improvement of mine in this wonderful journey of internship.

Initially I made unit test cases as they are needed to check whether the code works in the proper way as it is intended to.

I have also learned about the basic commands used in git that are commit, push, pull etc

The project that I am working on is based on the Spring Boot backend,Vue.js Frontend and RDBMS and MongoDb are the databases.

I learned how we hit the endpoints that are made in spring boot and fetch them in the frontend and how to use the data. The inbuilt functionality of spring boot made it a powerful framework.JPA and CURD Repository help us to bring data from the database in an easy and simple way.Microservices really makes your project simple and easy to understand.

I have also learned about some basic queries of MongoDb how we fetch data from collections in mongo using spring boot and further tried to convert that data into a CSV in another service.

How we apply solid Principles in our services to make it more maintainable, scalable etc.

I would really thank Ankur Sir who helped me improve each day by giving tasks and by motivating it to complete it in a specified time. Having an awesome mentor like him is a blessing. I try my level best to meet up his expectations

This month I have also written a blog on “Concurrency in Transaction” (link) and given a Learning Session on the same (link).These learning sessions are also a great source of knowledge.

Being in a team in which everyone is so supportive and keep you motivated to do work is a blessing. I have never expected that I would have such a wonderful experience in my internship. The challenges and situations that we face. How to handle situations single handedly sometimes?. How to resolve the issue in a specified time?

I would really say what began with ambivalent feelings, is now what I can call probably the best experience of my life till date.

I realize it’s not always about where you are at, but more about what you do wherever you are at. As also quoted:”Do not follow where the path may lead.Go,instead,where there is no path and leave a trail”- Ralph waldo Emerson.

It’s now time for this journey to end as I am left with only 1 month of my internship. So be with me the last month of my internship and thanks for being with me till now.

Stay tuned!!!