What I learned in the first month of my internship?

After all the JEE hustle and giving lots of engineering exams I finally landed up doing engineering in Banasthali Vidyapith or I would rather say that destiny took me there. An engineering college is like what Neil Tyson would say early humans in Cosmos” We have been sent here with no idea where to go. We have to explore the land all of our own, with no Map in hands and obstacles along with difficulties around”. Hi, I am Nandita currently pursuing my B.Tech from Banasthali Vidyapith.

Since childhood I was fascinated with different technologies in IT, so I always wanted to work on these! And the wait was finally over! I was super excited and blessed to start my internship with Core Value Technologies as a SDE Intern

Today, most people understand that internships aren’t what they used to be in terms of higher-ups throwing busy work at interns and expecting them to figure everything on their own. With this in mind, my worries weren’t bad going into the internship. This is my first software engineering internship, and my imposter syndrome for coding was already prominent and getting ready to make its appearance. As the day was coming near my nervousness and anxiety started increasing though I was excited also.

Due to COVID-19 I was quiet worried about my internship and many of my friends are still struggling to get a good internship but The entire CVT Recruitment team did a splendid job by designing the program virtually. Even in the times of COVID-19 pandemic they made sure that the internship experience remains smooth and enriching one. In starting I had an intro call with Ritesh Kumar Singh Sir who is a Sr Tech. Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist. at Core Value Technologies Pvt. Ltd and thereafter he arranged an intro call with my reporting manager(Ronak Sir) and in this way, everything was managed properly

My first two week of the internship was spent on onboarding and ramping up to jump into real engineering work. This included setting up my laptop for software development, working on fixing small bugs, learning how to work on Spring Boot and covering all its basic concepts.

I began my internship in July *feels like just yesterday* and for past one month I felt as if I was part of a tight-knit family.

  • On my first week I submitted reports on small topics like JSON (Link) and Rest and Soap (Link) services I thought it would be quite simple because I was not aware about the challenges I have to face.
  • After 10 days I made a small application on RESTFUL services when I think about the way or format by which I have made it was not proper at all.
  • Initially I made the service package but was not able to link it with DTOs and would definitely say that NullPointerException is the favourite exception of mine because this is the only exception that I would get every time whenever there is error in my code. Slowly and gradually I was able to organize the application made by me.
  • I learned about GIT and GITHUB and first time made a pull request I was so happy to do it.
  • While I was organizing the application in the mean time I studied about AOPs and Validations and included them in my application (Link).
  • Then a funny incident happened when after adding the validations I was sending the data that was not validated I was not getting 400 BAD REQUEST instead every time I was getting 500 error code status .Then I applied one of the famous Indian solution restart the application and to my surprise it was now giving 400 BAD REQUEST.
  • I also done a Proof of Concept to see the Memory and Time Constraints or UUIDs,Strings and Integers (Link) and I really enjoyed doing it entering 50,000 values for each and analyzing the time taken and space occupied by each of them and found that UUID is the best in both aspects.
  • There is always a twist in the story and this twist was my laptop, as its battery got damaged. It was not able to response on the application I was working on. But finally it came back to track with some Googling and multiple times restart methodology (That works almost. Just kidding :) )
  • I learned about many new concepts about collections and streams and was really amazed to see that how they reduce the lines of code in any Java application.
  • SOLID Principles (Link) and Design Patterns (Link) seem to me as theoretical concepts unless or until I implemented them in my application. They really make my code organized.
  • After all these learning process I was given a task by Deepak sir to make test cases of one of the live project he was working on .

Really when I saw that project first time I was really scared because it consists many topics that were new to me.

But when I was making test cases slowly things got clear to me and a Big Thanks to Deepak Sir who helped me when I was stuck in any error.

He taught me that a good developer is one who debug code on his/her own and understands not only his own code but also others code. I am really thankful that I got Deepak Sir as my mentor. He is always available whenever I am stuck with my code. He taught me to solve your issues yourself rather depending on anyone on it. It will take time but It will rather improve your knowledge and experience. Many times he boosted my confidence whenever I thought that I won’t be able to do this task. He has helped me improve my debugging skills I wouldn’t have learned so much without his proper guidance and I will be very grateful to learn many more things from you in the coming months.

I’ve been interning with CVT for a month now and my first internship experience is definitely not what anyone would’ve expected, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! It was challenging at first, but I am surrounded with an awesome support system virtually. And my passion for learning keeps me motivated.

Thank you CVT for giving me this opportunity!!!

As time flies!! And so is with me! Now I am left with 5 months of my Internship. And I am super duper excited to learn more. I know after my internship I am going to take knowledge transfer session in my hostel when I’ll go back for last semester (Only if corona allows me to go back: P)

Stay tuned for my next blog, as I am planning to take you all along me in this awesome journey of learning during internship.

Thanks again for reading till here