What I learned in the third month of my internship?

Hii Everyone I am back with the next blog of learning during the 3rd month of my internship.

As I told you in my last blog that I was moved to a new project. The project is very big. When I first looked at the project I was really nervous. Till then I was only working on backend spring boot but now I have to work on Frontend also i.e. Vue.js and I believe the bigger the challenge, the bigger you will grow while facing the challenge.

Now I am stepping one step at a time and learning many new things in this project. Initially I was given to handle network exception that may occur while we run the service For e.g. Connection Timeout etc .I have learned about exceptions earlier also but when I tried to implement them on my application It really cleared my concepts. After handling all these exceptions in the backend. Now we have to show them in the front-end. Working on this project really help me understand how frontend, Backend and database connect with each other and each day I am learning new things.

I would really thank Atul sir who helped me grow each day in this project. He is always available to clear my doubts and help me in every possible way when I am stuck in something. From setting up the project on my system and helping me understand the flow of project he help me in everything.

I have also written blogs these months on clone a linked list(link) (link) with random pointer and concurrency in transaction(link) next month I have a learning series on the same(link). I would thank Deepak Sir for giving me ideas for blogs and learning series and guiding me thought this beautiful journey of learning in CVT. You are the one who directed my hard work to the right path.

This month was full of happiness and learning. I got MacBook Pro from the CVT. As this project was crucial and separate system should be used for that with some policies and configuration. I was really happy after receiving it because It was my dream to have work on MacBook. I was really happy unboxing it.

Thanks CVT for encouraging and motivating to do work.

I am really excited about the Friday challenges that started this month. It is a great source of refreshment. I would really thanks Ronak Sir for organizing such events. This not only provides refreshment but also gives me a chance to interact with the other members of the CVT family. As this pandemic don’t allowed me to go to office and interact with CVT Family. The challenges like “अ से इंजीनियर”, “Hermione’s handbag” and “Mystery box” all were really amazing and I enjoyed them a lot.

Every week Tuesday meeting sync up call with the team (Ankur Sir, Atul Sir and Awantika ma’am) are really amazing as after discussing about work we also talk have some non work related talks. Talking with Ankur Sir really gives you motivation that you can everything with your hard work and dedication. He told all of us about his journey in this IT sector. Working in an organization whose CEO is so frank with the employees is really a blessing.

Second and third Month

Once I heard from someone that Motivation comes from momentum, and the momentum comes when you are doing what you are interested in and I would rather say motivation also comes when you are working in an organization that uplifts and boots your confidence for all the little things you do. Motives you at each and every step and help you learn each day for me this wonderful organization is CVT.

Time really does fly when you’re working in an environment that not only challenges you but also encourages you to grow learn and have fun at the same time. Now I am left only with 3 months and I would rather say completed half of my internship journey. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at CVT from the past 3 months.

So stay tuned!!! and be with me in the remaining half journey of my learning in internship.